YSNBWATID - Contact High Wit Da Demons 2x12 inch

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For so long we at Cardinal Fuzz have wanted to bring you this release on good old vinyl (2 of them were needed). Originally released via Function Records in 2009 on Cd we at Cardinal Fuzz waited and waited for this to come out on vinyl. Eventually we had to start a record label with the sole intention of doing justice to this gloriously fuzzy heavy psych/garage monster. 

Over 4 sides of vinyl The Demons bring forth big grooves and dreamy vocals with wah wah, tremolo and fuzz all over the place -sounding something like Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath and Mudhoney stuck in a revolving door. Sides C and D are given over to one track on each side both of which are psychedelic dirges that channel Hawkwind at their most strung out collapsing into a blizzard of wah wah and fuzz choas. 

In 2009 nobody really cared - we hope five years later you do. 

350 Pressing Double LP 

The name comes from a late night tv programme about Japanese women wrestlers .