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It’s fun putting on headphones for the first listening of a Yo La Tengo record because it’s almost like a book you’ve never read, a movie you don’t know the ending of. Because… how can they skillfully write so many different styles and still sound so undeniably characteristic throughout their career? Not knowing what to expect from Yo La Tengo, and knowing it will hit the spot as you release your hands from your iPod, is part of their intrigue and probably one of the reasons they are celebrated as a point of reference for the American underground scene for 20 years now. Sometimes they’re twentysomethings who appear to have just brought home their first overdrive pedal to gig with in, the now landmark, Hoboken venue Maxwell’s. Sometimes they’re reverb laden indie darlings with as much acoustic orchestration as you could pack into a trio, or perhaps they’ll employ dense ambience over small kit percussion. All instantly recognizable.