Wild Billy Childish and The MBEs - Thatcher's Children 12 inch

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Depending on which album you pick up, Billy Childish is either up for a noisy, beer-sodden good time or he has a message (usually angry) to pass along, but on Thatcher's Children, we get a bit of both from the U.K.'s potentate of garage rock. The album opens with the title song, a withering screed against the way punk rock has been co-opted by the larger corporate culture and how what passed for extreme conservatism in the political scene of the '70s and '80s seems quaintly mainstream today. Outside of the blistering title song, Thatcher's Children is a fairly average Billy Childish album, but that means it still rocks hard and delivers your minimum daily requirement of slashing guitar and pounding drums, so if you're any kind of fan you'll want to give it a listen.