Vintage FX Fuzz Riot

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An adaptation of the Mosrite Fuzzrite - a psychedelic fuzz pedal from the late 60's that was one of the first on the scene. Classic tones heard on songs like, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida & Spirit in the Sky, are no problem for this pedal. Back off on the depth, & the Fuzz tames up quite nicely. WARNING! - This pedal does not sound anything like Jimi's fuzz. The original circuit called for 2 silicon transistors, which limited the pedal to a "nasty" & "nastier" tonal range. I have replaced the 1st stage transistor with an NPN germanium, which enables a slightly tamer tone when the depth is rolled back. Be assured, when depth is turned up, you will have all of the nastiness of the original. I have also added a tone control to back off on the "trebliness", if that is desired. I won't say it's "better than the original", but it is just as good & much more versatile.