20 - Inc 7 inch 4 Way Vinyl Split feat. A.D.Skinner, Young Liberals, Angry Seas and FLOUR

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Along with the release of the first 4-WAY (all Australian) VINYL SPLIT, this special ART edition is brought to you as stunning unbound sheets encased in custom button andamp; string sealed sleeves with sleeve design by JAMES GRIM. Each page A PIECE OF ART you can put on walls and fridges, frame, or even keep sealed and super collectable!

FEATURES include DEAD, Shovels, Yes I'm Leaving, Swans, TheEagles, Ariel Pink, Eagulls, Mutton, Retox, Tumbleweed, Frank Turner + more | VINYL A.D.Skinner 'Stink About It', Young Liberals (Whipper) 'Justice', Angry Seas 'Exhale', FLOUR 'Feral Sow' | SNAP featured photographer: Jay Hynes | FLOW featured photographer: D. Randall Blythe (Lamb of God) | FLOW featured illustrator: Dase Beard (Clagg) | COVER by James Grim.


A.D.Skinner 'Stink About It'

Young Liberals (Whipper) 'Justice'

Angry Seas 'Exhale'

FLOUR 'Feral Sow'