Ty Segall - Twins 12"

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Last year Ty Segall released his Drag City debut,Goodbye Bread, an album that showed a more songwriterly side to the garage rock wunderkind. It was less bratty and less caustic than anything he’d done, showing that Segall didn’t have to push everything past the red into the white-hot in order to be heard. It looked as if this kid had settled down; the downside was that the songs got stuck in mid-tempo gear.In keeping up with Frisco Rock City, Segall has released three full-length albums since June of last year—a collab with Bay Area psych-folkie Tim Presley, another this year as the Ty Segall Band, and nowGoodbye Bread’s official follow-up, Twins. With that there’s the underlying question you think about every time Segall releases another record: Can he keep pulling it off?