Tym Records 035 - Budd - Yakfat 12 inch

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Back in the late eighties a musical movement was forming in the north west of the US that was eventually going to kick the world into believing again.

Early protagonists of this movement were melding their love of punk, metal, sludge and melody into a noisy garage rock using volume and fuzz to get their point across.

It didn't take long for bands all over the world to embrace this feeling and start buying old offsets and Big Muffs and buy the cheapest loudest amps they could find.

In Brisbane one of those bands was BUDD. Taking their love of this idea and adding that unique Brisbane attitude they started playing in the early 90's and were the first band "on the scene" to wholeheartedly embrace this ethos.

Over the next few years they would play hundreds of shows supporting and headlining some big events. They released a cassette (it was the style at the time) called FUZZGUTZN by themselves and then a single, and a double 10" through Ecstatic Peace! records in the US. 

In Feb '93 they released the cornerstone of this Australian movement. Only available on CD at the time this EP features 6 heavy sludge garage rock songs worthy of any band in the world involved in this genre. 

While being a real "slice of the time" I revisited this humble little EP and was instantly taken by it's greatness, again.

On limited edition orange vinyl.