Tym records 006 Ltd Ed 7 inch

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TYM006 : The Arcolas. Piss in the valley was penned after telling stories and laughing about drunken youngsters in Fortitude Valley. Recorded at Tym Guitars with the talented Geordie Stafford in a short and frantic recording session. Enjoy. Paul "Chip" Arcola. Brat Farrar. It was hot, really really hot. I was locked away in a make shift vocal booth that was once a cupboard for someones finest garments. In the European summer of 2012 I found myself living in the picturesque Croatian fishing village Stinjan where I built a small studio using whatever bits and pieces that I could find. The best part about it besides the vocal booth was the plastic outdoor table with three legs that I propped against a wall and put my recording equipment on. I don't really remember how I started writing "Let's Go Out Again" and why I wrote a song about graffiti artists. I don't remember seeing any graffiti in Stinjan or any walls to put it on. It was just crazy hot everyday and not much to do at night. Brat.