Tym records 002 Ltd Ed 7 inch

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TYM002 : Blacklevel Embassy - Metronomic Head In Feb 2012 Blacklevel Embassy recorded eleven songs at Megaphon Studios in Sydney with Jonboyrock. Ten of them make up the bands third album 'New Veteran'. The eleventh song, 'Metronomic Head' is now happily at home on a split 7" with No Anchor on Tym Records. Perfect. Brett ORiley No Anchor - We Almost Died Recently No Anchor hammered the last handful of nails into the coffin of their next full-length album. Just as Ian, Alex and Donovan started to get on each other’s nerves from the weeks together in enclosed spaces – so entered the opportunity to contribute to a Tym records 7inch. ‘We Almost Died’ is but one of the many opaque memories pulled from the recesses of Ian grey matter – written, recorded and wrapped up in the last three weeks before the band members took time out at different ends of the earth. This is No Anchor fortune telling their future to you. This is No Anchor in the future, a place they go often but have finally for the first time, been considerate enough to send you back a postcard!. Alex Gillies.