Toadworks Ajax Stereo Phase Inverter

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ToadWorks Ajax isn't just a new device - it's a new type of device, unique in the world of effects. Ajax is the audio equivalent of a pocket multi-tool - summing, splitting, phase inversion, boosting, cutting, mixing, buffereing - Ajax does it all, and more. Every situation is different - sometimes you want to use two amps, sometimes you want to use two guitars - maybe there's another guitarist you want to accompany you on a song... maybe you have a keyboard, and you want to plug it in along side your guitar, but your amp only has one input, and you want to make the change in the middle of the song... maybe you're talented enough to do both at once... maybe you're using two amps, but one of the speakers is wired out of phase... There's alot of really good reasons for getting the ToadWorks Ajax. On stage or in the studio, Ajax is the one piece of gear that everyone will find a use for.