Tiny Spiders - ST 12"

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Tiny Spiders is one of the bands that is currently at the crux of the Brisbane DIY music scene. The band consists of Cameron Smith on drums and vocals and Innez Tulloch on guitar and vocals. They’re a duo that is well known for their respective bands and musical ventures – Tulloch is best known for her work with Feathers and Smith from Ghost Notes, Mt Augustus and as the owner of West End venue The Waiting Room. It’s this wealth of experience that helps to give their debut self titled album a mature and cohesive sound. They’re a band that is a sum of their influences and past bands, without sounding specifically like any one band in particular.  Smith and Tulloch complement each other both vocally and in playing styles, creating a relaxed and seemingly effortless style. Deep and fuzzy guitar riffs play over no frills drum playing to give the band a grungy 90s sound, with elements of punk and noise pop. Smith takes the lead with vocals, cutting clean over the layers of fuzz. They’re noisy without being abrasive, and songs such as ‘Shoot the Rainbow Rays Out’ and ‘Big News’ could almost be described as indie pop. The uniquely disjointed guitar riff of ‘Harsh Mistress’ acts as a reminder that this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill loud pop album and shows a much deeper talent than simply writing a good hook. This debut from Tiny Spiders is an energetic and exciting release that begs for multiple listens and is hopefully just the start of more to come from this Brisbane duo.