Thursday / Full Collapse 12 inch

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Thursday is one of the more popular and successful bands among the modern hardcore/post-hardcore bands, especially in the US. 'Full Collapse' was the second full length release of the band after their "underground" LP 'Waiting', and the album that brought the band to the attention of the "average Joe".
One of the first things you notice about the bands music is the voice of singer Geoff Rickley. The singing voice is something many people have to get used to. Some even describe it as 'annoying'. But I think once you get used to it, it adds a good element of rememberence. His screaming voice is good as well. The overall musical work is good. The bass is especially on the verses pretty dominant. The bass lines are very interesting, and quite complex for the genre IMO, accompanied by solid drumming. The guitars go from distorted walls of sound to clean riffs that set accents on certain points in songs and underline a certain mood or feeling.
The topics of the lyrics are about relationship things (like on 'Paris in Flames'), but also about society issues ('Autobiography of a Nation' as example) without getting too political so to say. Though 12 songs are listed in the tracklisting, basically it's just ten, as the first and last song are only noises and compositions of sounds that function as intro and outro of the record. So the playtime of the 'real' songs is about 40 minutes.