Smith Street Band The - Sunshine and Technology 12 inch

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SMITH STREET BANDandrsquo;s brand of indie punk leaves nowhere to hide, no veil to cower behind. Lead vocalist Will Wagner puts everything out in the open, almost like a confessional conversation with a friend. Their brazenly attitudinal and personal approach will either be a good or bad thing depending on what youandrsquo;re looking for. If you want experimentalism or poetic leanings this may not be your thing. Punk rock and its many forms have always been divisive, as such a personalised genre and movement. Odds are though if youandrsquo;re listening to andlsquo;Sunshine andamp; Technologyandrsquo; you have discovered them at a local pub, through a friend or as an ardent fan who wanted their next dose after last yearandrsquo;s andlsquo;No One Gets Lost Anymoreandrsquo;.
For those who enjoy half-sung half-spoken style vocals, catchy punk/surf riffs and sweaty hooks you will find more than enough solace in these here humble 10 tracks. Efforts like andlsquo;Stay Youngandrsquo; and andlsquo;When I Said Us I Meant Themandrsquo; sum up their appeal perfectly. Wagner covers topics that anyone listening can relate to, from youthful indiscretions and young love to rebellious tendencies and discontent. The instrumental backing meanwhile is melodic and catchy, with just enough harshness around the edges, matching the force of the lyrics. As the album title suggests, you get a full picture of what the band is all about and the picture you get is of a much more fully formed band, compared to their debut.