The Heads - Relaxing With... 12 Inch

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As their reissued 1996 debut album so gleefully proves, The Heads’ DNA was a hybrid code with its origins in the motorik chem-rock of Spacemen 3, in the scuzz-scoured rave-ups of Mudhoney, the drug-soaked bacchanalia of Monster Magnet. They weren’t heavy metal, per se, but given their evolved-to-bluntly-devastating riffage, The Heads were crushingly heavy, unabashedly metallic. Opener ‘Quad’ – a setlist staple they’ve latterly slowed down to a molasses-gargling-Sabbath sloth, to cochlea-flattening effect – pounces from a lair of drone with a riff that’s mercilessly efficient, that’s viciously funky, that’s focused upon sending any clued-in head in the vicinity to neck-snap thrash. If you got this riff drunk, it’d let you finger the Deep Purple patch on the pocket of its denim jacket and regale you with tales of sulphate and whiskey in the crowd at 1981’s Heavy Metal Holocaust Festival.