Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses 12 inch

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Featuring Charlie Owen (Beasts Of Bourbon, New Christs), Joel Silbersher (Hoss, God) and James Cruickshank (Cruel Sea) among others, Tex Perkins delivers another bunch of tracks full of dark country and high octane blues, intimate and delicate melodies which mean another further step in his solo career as a night time balladeer. This vinyl edition of Tex's album from late2011 is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide and available on quality 150-gm wax.

Track Listing

Disc 1:

  1. What Do You Want Now?
  2. Life Gets In The Way
  3. Looking At You But Seeing Her
  4. Word To Come
  5. So Much Older
  6. Won't Last Long
  7. You Haunt Me
  8. Three Guitars
  9. Getting Away With It
  10. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
  11. Necessary Evil
  12. Snakes
  13. Easier Without You
  14. Things Don't Seem So Bad...After All