Skate deck - Tym Hard-Ons logo

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Tym skate official Hard-Ons logo branded decks in 8, 8.125, 8.25, 8.5, 9 pool and hex nose. Tym logo printed on top of deck. Hard-Ons punchbowl artwork on bottom. 

The Hard-ons need no introduction: a rampaging pop band from the south-west of Sydney that took over places like Tokyo, London and Caboolture with their infectious brand of punk/metal/bubblegum hybrid. Hard to believe ladies and gentlemen but the Hard-ons are more relevant today than back in 1984, offering both a sense of musical and ideological freedom AND wonderful melodies to boot.
Skateboards need no introduction: a rampaging yet simple mode of transport, hard to believe but they are more relevant today than back in 1974, offering both a a sense of unbridled freedom and wonderful means of exercise for the busy man/woman. 

It HAD to happen. A Hard-ons skateboard. Presented by of all people, TYM GUITARS, the legendary Brisbane flag-wavers for everything independant and rock'n'roll.
Originally slated to be a PETER BLACK HEAD INJURY EDITION (referencing the said guitarists' run-in with a pair of feral rich kids, when the head was set upon viciously with a skateboard), a sense of good-taste prevented this from happening.

This limited edition HARD-ONS skateboard will surely give you pleasure for years to come.

Stephen Ahn
the bassplayer's brother 

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