Shellac - Terraform 12 inch

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Terraform is the second full length record by Shellac, released in 1998. Grounded in the same mid-'80s Midwest merger of American hardcore and U.K. postpunk (Gang of Four, Wire) that informed Big Black, Shellac's music revels in the sonorous qualities of rock's basic elements. [Producer Steve Albini's] guitar distills rock's tired roar down to a uniquely brittle bite, and drummer Todd Trainer gracefully resurrects the lost art of the Bonham stomp.... Shellac take their name from one of the earliest materials used to make records, and a similar sentiment underlies "Copper," the implausibly catchy blast that closes Terraform. A craftsman's tribute to the workaday metal that'll "never be gold" but has its own unique luster, it's the raw materialist anthem that Albini's spent his whole career honing.