Sewers - Hoisted LP 12 Inch Vinyl

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Dark outback punk rock, they stay away from the swamp for the most part and invest their songs with a drier and dustier sounding presence with post-punk elements. I think feedtime or King Snake Roost are the basic references, but they take it underground with some Fall-via-Country Teasers brand of dumb-smart post-punkitude. They reprise my favorites from the tape ("Grease My Chain" is haggard yobbing about, "Sinkhole" is shambolic Wallers-esque twang. "General Gore" turns into twisted punk-n-country (again very Teasers-eque) that keeps chopping until it turns to pulp. Shan Corrigan's booze-n-cigs vocals gives the tunes a certain drunken affability and keeps the music grounded in the gutter. They close with "Human Spray", which is their most frantic-sounding cut, a rousing song to chase a hog around the pen to. Glad these tunes found a home on vinyl, and Homeless is a most fitting label."
- RK (Terminal-Boredom)