Self Defense Family - Try Me 12 inch

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Over 10 years and dozens of releases—both under their current name and previously as End of a Year—the post-hardcore band Self Defense Family have built themselves out of perversity. Before the so-called “emo revival” became widely reported on in 2013, frontman Patrick Kindlon and crew had already rekindled the cathartic desperation of Fugazi’s two primary predecessors in the mid-80s, Rites of Spring and Embrace (“End of a Year” being a song by the latter). Emo never really went away—but with End of a Year, it finally came full circle. Kindlon, though, was just as apt to mix black humor, jarring turns of phrase, and pop-culture references into the band’s otherwise open-hearted hardcore. End of a Year’s gradual evolution into Self Defense Family has given Kindlon even more room to stray from emo fundamentalism—and on Self Defense’s official full-length debut, Try Me, stray he does.