Priestess - Prior To The Fire 12"

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Even in its death throes, the major-label machine sometimes gets things right. Consider, for example, the Montreal riff-rock crew Priestess. Hello Master, the band's 2006 debut, showed a flair for soaring hooks and memorable riffage rare in any of the many retro Camaro-rock bands out on the touring circuit. The band initially released the LP on a pair of indies, but RCA snapped them up. The band and RCA have since parted ways: As Priestess' Mikey Heppner put it to Chartattack, the label wanted them write new songs for sophomore effort Prior to the Fire until they heard a single. Instead, we have Prior to the Fire, exactly the way the band wanted to release it, except now it's on the much smaller Tee Pee label. And guess what? No singles.