Portishead - Third 12 inch limited edition box set

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Here, the sad sounds aren't quite so soothing, but that human element of Portishead gives them a sense of comfort, just as it intensifies their sense of mystery, for it is the flaws -- often quite intentional -- that give this an unknowable soul and make Third utterly riveting and endlessly absorbing. It's been ten long years since PNYC and the wait is over! Third is the 2008 album from Portishead and it comes in a limited edition box set with double vinyl LP and 1GB USB which features the album, and these five films 'The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film', 'The Rip at Mr Wolfe's', 'Ade's House,' `Machine Gun,' and `We Carry On'. The etched 12-inch vinyl features 'Machine Gun'. Also included is the limited edition print from Nick Uff. Portishead are a trip-hop group from Bristol, England, named after the nearby town of the same name.