Night Marchers The - Allez Allez 12inch

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John Reis has seemingly never felt beholden to anyone’s expectations. In a long career that stretches back to the dawn of the ’90s in bands like Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu, and, most important, Rocket From The Crypt, Reis has followed his gut and little else. It led him to add horns to RFTC’s potent rock, to alter the group’s approach after a successful major-label debut, to start various short-lived side projects, and in the case of The Night Marchers, release the band’s sophomore album nearly three years after it was recorded. The group recorded Allez Allez, the successor to 2008’s solid See You In Magic, in 2010, but for unexplained reasons sat on it—not that the album suffered musically from the passing of time. Reis has always been defiantly trend-averse, and his bands tend to specialize in the kind of frantic, lo-fi garage rock that never really ages. Allez Allez—French for “Go, go”—could have been released pretty much any time since the explosion of punk and indie rock in the early ’80s. It also doesn’t sound too far removed from Reis’ other bands; he’s described The Night Marchers as an amalgam of elements of his previous work, from the good-time rock of RFTC to the intensity of Drive Like Jehu and its successor band, Hot Snakes, three-quarters of whom play in The Night Marchers.