Night Horse - Perdition Hymns 12"

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In this rock deprived era what is a dude to do? Well fortunately there have been a steady stream of good rock n’ roll/metal coming from Tee Pee Records, Southern Lord, et al… On the forefront of the horizon is Night Horse from Los Angeles riding their steeds upon the hallowed halls of rock n’ roll to set the legendary weaponry where it should rightly be. The riffs and vocals all fall into place with tips o’ their proverbial hats to the classics such as: Mountain, AC/DC, Free, MC5, Black Sabbath and at times letting the blues riffs fly bringing to mind open highways and even ZZ Top. This is hoss-rock at its best and clubs around the world and hopefully motorcycle conventions will open their gates to these dudes of the universe. It truly sounds like the former Bluebird singer Sam James is in his element and letting the force flow through him like a seasoned master. Look forward to see where this band will go after a strong debut.