Bob Mould - Black Sheets Of Rain Dlx Ed 12 inch

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‘Black Sheets Of Rain’, Bob Mould’s second solo set followed the seminal ‘Workbook’, once again completely written and produced by Mould himself. Bass and drums are provided by Tony Maimone and Anton Fier, both previously of Pere Ubu.

Heavier, denser and more bleak than ‘Workbook’, the album is perhaps more similar to the Hüsker Dü sound. No commercial singles were issued from the album but the catchy ‘It’s Too Late’ was promoted to radio in the USA.

Following this album, Mould would take a detour from his solo career to lead the band Sugar, before returning to it once again with his self-titled 1996 album.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the albums release in 2015, Demon Records is proud to announce this limited edition LP reissue pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl cut from the latest digital remaster representing the first LP remaster since release.