Mike Watt - Hyphenated Man 12 inch

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For an "opera" with not one but two concepts behind it, Hyphenated-Man sounds pretty grounded. That's because both of Mike Watt's overarching ideas lend themselves to short, pithy songs rather than bloated suites or pompous narratives. Watt's guides are the small, detailed characters in the work of 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch, and the minimal punk of his own pioneering band the Minutemen. Basing each of the album's 30 songs on a Bosch character (and giving them names like "Jug-Footed-Man" and "Confused-Parts-Man"), Watt wrote everything in Minutemen "econo" mode, using late bandmate D. Boon's guitar. The goal, he says, was to make "one big work out of a bunch of little ones."