Lumerians Transmalinnia 12"

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Lumerians are garage scholars of the weird. The Oakland-based quintet could be named for Lemuria, the long-lost sunken continent ruled by primitive mystics. But note the spelling: Lumerians, not Lemurians; a clear nod to son et lumiere, the fusion of sound and light that is one of the hallmarks of deep trance and media. Lumerians play droning dance music for the soul you forgot you had. Transmalinnia is the debut full length release from Lumerians, a droney, San Francisco-based psychedelic band who specialize in hypnotic stoner rock. On Transmalinnia, boy-girl vocals hover over an abyss of buzzing guitars, swirling vintage organ tones and incessant, Kraut-inflected beats. Faust (at their most accessible), the early synth rock of the Silver Apples and atmospheric film scores all seem to factor into Lumerians' sound, and tracks like album opener "Burning Mirrors" find the band sounding something like a dub-less, prog-influenced Sun Araw.