Lightning Bolt - Oblivion Hunter 12 inch

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Despite the fact that this is a step back into the band’s history, the EP isn’t a showcase of former glory, nor is it a gloating trophy of complexity, versatility, or even prowess that Lightning Bolt have demonstrated over the years. The technical means through which the band chose to project their art have stayed the same, but the subtle changes exhibited in their approach remain astounding. After 18 years of crafting music and conceptual art, Brian Chippendale’s and Brian Gibson’s projects have been subject to a bombardment of stylistic gear changes via heart-stopping, gritty noise rock. The melodic tumult and diversity of Wonderful Rainbow is what brought this act into disjointed beams of limelight back in 2003, while these styles were brought about as consequences of aesthetic experimentation in earlier efforts. Whereas their self-titled debut consisted of strictly noise-heavy productions laid down outside the studio, Ride the Skies took on refined dimensions, despite the granulated, impaling nature of the music. Those polished qualities were later revisited, greased up, and lubricated on 2005’s Hypermagic Mountain, which was the last official release before any recordings from Oblivion Hunter were instigated.