Les Savy Fav - Root For Ruin 12"

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Root for Ruin is Les Savy Fav's fifth studio album. Even as they creep closer to the mainstream (or as the mainstream creeps closer to them), Les Savy Fav make it clear that they haven't jettisoned bluster in search of mass appeal. As brash as ever, Root For Ruin finds the NYC band in a particularly lascivious mood. Les Savy Fav exercise their libidos, which is a good thing, frankly, slipping sex into the too often neutered indie rock conversation. Within Root For Ruin's first few minutes, world-class weirdo/Beardo Tim Harrington leers, "Show us your teeth and show us your tits/ Show us your scars from the shit that you did"; the song is titled "Appetites," and it's clear that Harrington's not just talking about his gut. Two songs later and tits are again mentioned; despite the frequent gratuitousness, the crass language doesn't feel forced or unnatural. Harrington's lyrics come across as assured and keenly observational, rather than obnoxiously crude. Or perhaps they are obnoxious, but deliberately so.