Les Rallizes Dnudes - Blind Baby Has Its Mothers Eyes 12"

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Blind Baby Has Its Mothers Eyes is a huge linear album of massive slabs of intoxicating sound, which fly around the room and clog up your ears and hassle your pets as they go about their everyday business. The bass lines are as monolithic as the Rallizes have ever got, and certain places see them drop away in a non-reggae dubby-style that leaves the top end teetering like a tiny boat waiting to be swallowed by a whirlpool. In places, the lead guitar seems even more extravagantly committed to total oblivion than ever, but here Mizutani seems to have intentionally ditched the between rhythms, normally played by hi-hats and chugging guitars, in a desire to bring a post-apocalyptical Waiting For Godot-type featurelessness to his muse. It is a tremendous album.