Mark Lanegan - Has Good Been My Shadow

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Well before the Seattle rock scene of the late-80s became fodder for big-screen rom-coms,Marc Jacob-designed runway collections, and ill-conceived trend pieces by easily duped New York Times writers, Mark Lanegan was already plotting a life after grunge. Of all the handsome, long-haired Emerald City singers to front rock bands that sold hundreds of thousands of records in the early 90s, Lanegan ranked a distant fifth in high-school-locker pin-up potential, exuding neither the bare-chested sex appeal of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder nor the fashionable misanthropy of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. Even within the context of his own band, the Screaming Trees, Lanegan felt like the odd man out, his bronchial drawl serving as a grainy, black-and-white contrast to the band