Kim Salmon And Mudhoney - Until 12"

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In 1995, during the "grunge" boom, when Steve Turner had a break from Mudhoney, Kim Salmon was invited to join the band in Seattle. Kim Salmon accepted the invitation from his friends and flew from Australia to Seattle to check whether the experience was viable and worthy. After some recordings and rehearsals, both parties agreed to part in a friendly manner, leaving behind these recordings which had, until now, remained unreleased for over 15 years. Then in September 2010, Mudhoney and Kim Salmon met again in New York for the ATP Festival, with a band list including Scientists, Mudhoney, The Stooges and Sonic Youth. On this occasion they spoke about releasing the record, and here it finally is. Like a cross between Kim Salmon & the Surrealists' Sin Factory and Mudhoney's early albums, the 7 tracks display a fantastic combining of talents, bringing together two giants of rock & roll from two continents together. 150 Gram.