Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Meat and Bone 12"

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Meat And Bone is a comfortably familiar album. It's the Blues Explosion doing what they do best - a unique take on rock 'n' roll with wild, anthemic tracks featuring carefully-wrought guitar riffs, a sometimes anguished, sometimes euphoric but always hypnotic singer in Spencer, and some of the cleverest drumming you'll hear outside of a hip-hop DJ's record box. The album's closer 'Zimgar' and the suggestive 'Get Your Pants Off' are two of the funkiest tracks this side of the 1970s, and there's no denying that when these guys lock into a groove it's one of the most formidable walls of noise in music today. And when they get loud, fast 'n' nasty - as on lead track 'Black Mold' or 'Boot Cut' - it's like connecting a straight line between early Chuck Berry, Hendrix's wilder moments and the New York Dolls. 'Black Mold' reverentially namechecks Little Richard and Ornette Coleman and many others almost in the same breath, while also making fungus cool. The point is that no-one has ever made music as audaciously and resolutely indefinable as the Blues Explosion.