Jen Buxton / Dont Change Your Plans 12 inch

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There are rare moments in life when people will tell me how good a musical act is and I actually enjoy it. For months I had heard people tell me how good this Jen Buxton album was so I bit the bullet head to the Poison City Records website and purchased ‘Don’t Change Your Plans’ on Vinyl. The following paragraphs are the story of my experience of hearing what was to be one of my favourite albums of 2011.

I was automatically won over when said vinyl came with a download card for the MP3 version of the album. For as much as I love playing my vinyl I like to experience new music in headphones. I placed the headphones in and was greeted my muted guitar strums counting in and the “erghhhhhhhhh” Jen Buxton exclaiming her displeasure of her off strumming. I immediately laugh and know I am in for a treat. But then what follows is a musical treat. Two tracks of acoustic guitars panning in my left and right ears and stunning Australian accent telling me a story of a girl who tells it straight and who is protecting her heart of the evils of love.

As you all may know by now, one thing I want in music is honesty. And freak me sideways, readers, does Jen Buxton deliver. Not only in her story telling lyrics but the pain and honesty in her voice while telling those stories. You just want to jump into your headphones and hug Jen. She manages to take you on a journey that is painful but softly soothed by talent and memorable melodies.

The title track is not only a highlight of the album but of 2011. It is the kind of song that makes one question their abilities as a songwriter. The melody, that is carried by heart breakingly executed harmonies, in the chorus is beautiful and alone makes this song stand out.

The smooth simplicity of the production of this album makes the songs able to stand out as the true storytellers that they are. You ears are graced my acoustic guitars that perfectly set the mood for what the lyrics are saying. Melancholic, honest and a weird combination of beautiful and sad, like a crying super model, the lyrics to ‘Don’t Change Your Plans’ paint perfect pictures of what Jen is thinking and feeling and what she has been through.

After the album had finished playing in my ears I was now one of those people that told others about musical projects that they would enjoy. And I could be proud in knowing that, unless the person had trouble hearing or had a severe distaste for good things, I was spreading the word of something great.