Heads, The - Relaxing With

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The reissue of Relaxing With The Heads, the debut album by Bristolian stoner-psych mong-o-lude monoliths The Heads, is long overdue. From the perspective of you, the would-be consumer of the pepperiest riff salad, this is because it’s been out of print for… well, Christ knows how long to be honest, but it was released in 1996 and its original label, the UK division of Headhunter Records, released basically nothing afterwards. From the perspective of the band themselves, it means that this mud-flapping sonic throb is no longer ‘of its time’ and can get appraisal without the irritation of douchenozzle reviewers saying things like 'They may be from Bristol and pen paeans to weed, but don’t mistake The Heads for a trip-hop band!' Obviously that is what I just did then, yes.