Eddy Current Suppression Ring - So Many Things 2x12 inch

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After three albums proper, Melbourne's cult garage rockers rifle through their wonderfully idiosyncratic back catalogue to assemble this odds'n'sods package of singles, alternate takes and compilation tracks. And it's a joy: 22 nuggets of sparky, catchy and deceptively artful rock music that ranges from first-wave punk (a rollicking cover of the Pagans' Boy, Can I Dance Good) through jaggedly melodic indie (Through the Trees) to strange, clattery krautrock (the title track). At the heart of ECSR's appeal is their weird ability to sound rigorously well-drilled and joyfully slapdash at the same time – there's clearly a serious musical chemistry at work here, but a raggedy imprecision, too, which just makes it all the more ear-catching. Frontman Brendan Suppression's stream-of-consciousness, spoken-more-than-sung vocals are a factor, too – ingenious, ludicrous, hilarious and unsettling by turns, from So Many Things' delusional, lovelorn rant to Hey Mum's disarmingly sweet/strange little thank-you-card song. An absolute treasure of a band.