Dwarves, The - The Dwarves Must Die Redux 12"

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The Dwarves Must Die is the 2004 release by the American punk band Dwarves. It is the band's first release on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label. There are several cameos, including Dexter Holland from The Offspring, Nash Kato from Urge Overkill, desert rock icon Nick Oliveri, Josh Freese from The Vandals, Spike Slawson from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, gangster rapper San Quinn, DJ Marz, and even the original Space Ghost himself, Gary Owens. The rather freeform departure from the standard thrash/punk/noise sound is obvious in this release, slightly more so than in previous Dwarves productions, perhaps because they have been producing music for almost 20 years; however the original sound of the Dwarves shows clearly in several tracks. Deluxe, redux reissue of the Dwarves' 2004 magnum opus, The Dwarves Must Die. Originally released on Sympathy for the Record Industry and long out of print, this reissue compiles the whole album plus two awesome bonus tracks.