Django Reinhardt - Rhythym Future 12"

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His pre-war recordings for HMV and Swing became wildly popular, selling to audiences eager to hear what this new ‘European jazz’ was all about. These recordings (1937-1940) chronicle a time when Paris was the center of the world, and the legendary night clubs of Montmarte, Pigalle and along the Champs-Élysées were filled with jazz bands, but with the onset of WWII, all this changed and gypsies like Django Reinhardt were systematically being rounded up and sent to the death camps. 


During this time Reinhardt found himself literally having to play and record in order to stay alive. As long as he was a star, he was safe. Amazingly, Reinhardt still managed to compose and record some of his best material during this dark era, and songs like “Oriental Shuffle,” “Mystery Pacific,” “Bricktop,” “Minor Swing” and “Nuages” still represent some of his best work. 


This rare Django Reinhardt 16-track set from Monk Records collects material from the guitar legend circa 1937-1940 and is entitled Rhythm Futur after the song of the same name which is also featured here.