Discharge - Disensitise 12"

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Discharge has left a Sasquatch-sized footprint on the annuals of heavy music. Forming in 1977, these blokes have been credited for hatching the hardcore punk egg, as well as the forerunners of punk-infused metal known as crossover. They even invented the d-beat. Candlelight understands the group’s importance, so the label reissued two of the band’s albums, “War is Hell” and “Disensitise,” on the same day. Released in 2008, these two recordings hardly constitute the “classic” tag. Don’t allow the greenness of each recording to sour your listening experience. Both albums contain crossover, hardcore punk tunes full of vigorous energy, punchy drums, razor-sharp riffs and anarchist ideas that, thanks to their gang-imbued choruses, will stamp your brain like an Orwellian boot simile.