Danava - Hemisphere of Shadows Ltd Ed 12"

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Needless (at this point) to say, this new album is a killer, replete from the very get-go with rollicking, riff-rockin’ badassery. These new Danava jams are seriously being kicked, way out. And they’re, y’know, real songs too, with real vocals and everythin’, like it’s back in 1973 or so and they’ve got something to prove, those twin guitars givin’ with the glorious harmonies (think Thin Lizzy, on the song ‘I Am The Skull’ here especially). They sound like old time Pentagram too, but galloping like they wuz in the Preakness. The Preakness of freakness. Danava are doin’ it, here. They’re gonna out rock, out prog, out psych, out retro-proto-metal all comers. Speedy and sinuous, no doubt a bit of stress on all the wrists and necks involved in the making of this music. And there’s still the usual embellishments of spacey synthy FX sprinkled about, even with that one guy gone. It’s all almost a bit overwhelming, which is why it’s nice that the very last track, the instrumental ‘Dying Into The Light’ winds things up on a calming, eerily pretty note. Limited to 1000 copies. All numbered.