Crass - Yes Sir, I Will 12"

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Yes Sir, I Will, released by Crass in 1983, was the band's last 'official' album. The record consists of one continuous piece of music spread over the two sides of the original vinyl release (the CD release split the album into 7 tracks), making it the longest punk song ever recorded, although this is intercut with two brief interludes; a section of self-parody ("The Feeding of the Five Knuckle Shuffle") and a ballad-style piano "Anarchy's Just Another Word" section sung by drummer Penny Rimbaud. The album was essentially a bitter and virulent attack on then prime minister Margaret Thatcher and her government in the aftermath of the Falklands War, set nearly wholly over a raging and an almost free-form improvised backing provided by the groups' instrumentalists. Many of the 'lyrics' of this piece, which can be read at, are extracted from Rimbaud's extended poem Rocky Eyed. Sleeve notes for the album include parts of Rimbaud's article The Pig's Head Controversy that originally appeared in the Crass produced magazine International Anthem.