Cocks Arquette - Cocks Arquette 12 inch

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Debut full length album, recorded live with no overdubs in 2011 by Cornel Wilczek at Electric Dreams Studio. 

Cocks Arquette 'Cocks Arquette' 

After commencing as a two piece continually at war with itself in 2006, operations gradually escalated via constantly varying personnel and equipment arrangements revolving around brothers Simon and David, before settling into a hardened 5-piece collective in 2009. Cocks Arquette's soul destroying maximalism quickly solidified - their 'thing' became steeped in terrifying catharsis and meditative pattern repetition at maximum volume; wild and loose in the same shapes over and over again, order out of chaos and all that. A microcosm of this constant expansion and inevitable capitulation is best captured in the damaged electronics and five guitar attack of album closer Then Leave, recorded live with no overdubs, as was the entire recording ( May 2012 sees the release of their eponymous debut on LP/CD/DL and is set to launch in Melbourne at The Tote on 8th June 2012, with guests Pearls, Zond and Urns. 

Cocks Arquette have played shows with Mick Turner (Dirty Three), The Nation Blue, Pikelet, Lichens, Francis Plagne, Bonnie Mercer (Grey Daturas), Heirs, Dick Threats, Pearls, Clue To Kalo, Ivens, The Stevens, Useless Children and more. 

Cocks Arquette are Simon J. Karis, David A. Karis, Walter P. Humfray, Daniel J. Corran & Franc De Alvia - members have performed and recorded with Heirs, Bowcaster, Brisk, Our Anatomy and Crypt.


released 12 May 2012