Buzzoven - Revelation Sick Again 12 inch

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This album was supposed to have been released in 1998, but unspecified legal problems kept it on the shelf until 2007, when a bootleg vinyl version surfaced. Now, at last, it's out on the label that was supposed to have issued it all along. Buzzov-en are kindred spirits to violent, rage-fueled Southern punk/metal acts like Eyehategod, Acid Bath, and Antiseen; on Revelation: Sick Again, they sound like a faster Eyehategod, with slightly more comprehensible vocals and a greater reliance on sampled movie dialogue (including snippets from some fairly high-profile movies like Sling Blade and Blazing Saddles, which may have led to some of the aforementioned legal problems). Longtime fans will be pleased with this unearthed material, which doesn't sound time-locked at all; it could have been recorded anytime between the mid-'90s and today, which says a lot about them and their chosen style.