Box Elders - Alice & Friends 12"

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After Box Elders' 2008 Grotto Records 7", the energetic garage rock trio from Omaha gained respect on the indie circuit while touring the U.S. With two distinctly memorable characters in the group -- Clayton McIntyre, a singer/bass player who resembles a Dogtown Z-boy (and often appears on-stage in a cape and biker shorts or a loincloth), and Dave Goldberg, a multi-instrumentalist who somehow plays drums and keyboards simultaneously with astounding efficiency -- Memphis' Goner Records took the bait and signed the band just as rumors circulated that the group was potentially signing to Matador. Box Elders' first full-length, Alice & Friends (named after the group's favorite Korean vegan BBQ), is a step up from the low fidelity of their first outing, but only slightly.