Boris - Attention Please 12"

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Attention Please is one of two simultaneously released albums by Japan's Boris on the Sargent House imprint in 2011. The other is Heavy Rocks--not related to the 2002 album. It is also one of four planned full-lengths by the group during the calendar year. It is their first to feature vocals on all tracks by lead guitarist Wata. The music is nocturnal, relatively slinky, and very atmospheric. The band channels Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation in tracks like the opening title number, and the more driving, discordant overtones in "Hope," while the gorgeous "Spoon" is a wonderfully melodic tune with an uptempo shoegaze feel. In sum, Attention Please, with Wata's haunting vocals at the fore, is the most unusual and easily approachable recording on Boris' shelf, if not its best.