Bonnie Prince Billy - Now Here's My Plan 12"

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If there's any sort of parodic sensibility guiding Now Here's My Plan, Oldham's playing it awfully close to the chest. Backed by his tour band, he circles through six old cuts ranging from 1999 through 2009, offering new arrangements and in some cases dramatically different interpretations. The band is good, road-tested, and sympathetic to Oldham's most harebrained schemes. Emmett Kelly's guitar functions like a good movie score: It sets a tone while never intruding on the action, and while it might not always foreground the songs, he's always doing something intriguing. And Angel Olsen may be his best duet partner, with that seen-it-all break in her voice. The musicians-- including Ben Boye, Van Campbell, and Danny Kiely-- have variously appeared on recent Bonnie "Prince" Billy albums, including Wolfroy Goes to Town and Beware.