Bonnie Prince Billy - Funtown Comedown 12"

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From - Released only on vinyl, Funtown Comedown is a sparkling find buried in Will Oldham's tangled discography under his various Palace and Bonnie "Prince" Billy monikers. Recorded live at Funtown, in Oldham's hometown of Louisville, he is here credited as Bonny Billy, and backed by the Picket Line, a local bluegrass sextet. For Oldham, whose rich songs can often get lost in overly glum arrangements, the pairing with the Picket Line is a stroke of genius. Bluegrass is a perfect fit for Oldham's dark, allusion-laden lyrics, transforming his moody songwriting into something inviting and warm. Oldham and the Picket Line dig in on a few classics, too, including Merle Haggard's "Ramblin' Fever" and a soaring close-harmony take on Ralph Stanley's "Hemlock and Primroses."