Billy No Mates Snuff - Duck Duck Goose 12 inch

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Yep, this is definitely a Duncan Redmonds record: hammond organ, check; saxaphone, check; cockney accent, check. It's all there. In fact, I could have probably written this review before I even heard this record because it sounds just like everything else that Redmonds has put his hand to in the past.  Now, that could easily be interpreted as a negative comment, but that would mean overlooking the fact that everything that Duncan Redmonds puts his hand  to tends to be blooming brilliant! In this, BNM's third full-length release, Redmonds is joined by Steve Pitcher (Vanilla Pod), Wes Wasley (Milloy) and Ed Wenn (The Stupids); this being one of three different line-ups for the band (depending on whether Redmonds is in Uk, USA or Japan). Together, they belt out thirteen, consistent tracks with Redmonds taking the opportunity to demonstrate the range of his song writing prowess, including writing one in Japanese. It is this variation of song styles that make this an album which holds your attention throughout, the highlights for me being Heave Ho Britain! and Asbestos. Thankfully, the  organ and sax are used sparingly, meaning Redmonds can skilfully steer the record away from descending into a rom-tiddly-om-pom-pom-cockerneee-knees up.