Bikini Kill / Huggy Bear split 12"

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From - Released in 1993, this split long-player with U.K. comrades Huggy Bear is one of Bikini Kill's definitive statements. The legendary riot grrrl band's seven songs consist of ripping minimalist punk over which frontwoman Kathleen Hanna spews her ferocious neo-feminist mission statements (the most famous of those being the Riot Grrrl movement's de facto anthem, "Rebel Girl"). While Huggy Bear's side shares many of the political invectives present in Bikini Kill's work, the band takes a slightly more experimental approach to music making. Unlike Bikini Kill's fairly straightforward punk sound, Huggy Bear looked more to no-wave styles and the punk tribalism of bands like the Dog Faced Hermans and the Ex. When put together, however, the two bands produced one of the most exhilarating political and musical statements of the 1990s.