Big Business - Here Come The Waterworks

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So Here Come the Waterworks is a kind of maudlin joke, in terms of titles– fear of the pending deluge mixed up with a joke about how we’re going to have to react. They do make it easy to ignore all this stuff though: Try spending any time focusing on the lyrics while simultaneously absorbing their avalanche of mountain-sized, devastating riffs. Warren plays his instrument like a guitar, which makes sense: Karp tuned their guitars way down, so they sounded like bass anyway, plus his voice is deep and hollow, the better to match. Stuttering phaser phrases; technicolor runs up the neck; churning low-frequency baths; you name it, it comes off Warren’s bass, which twins the drums (played by Coady Willis, formerly of the Murder City Devils) in that seamless way only two-person bands ever really manage. The two members of Big Business are actually in the Melvins now