Beat From Badsville 2 - More Trash Classics

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This museum-worthy wax set is another epic round in the musical clash of art and taste. The 24 tracks range in theme from drive-in restaurants to zombies to car wrecks. Poison Ivy and her late-great musical partnerin-crime, Lux Interior, collected the oddities. Their discoveries were an integral commponent of the DNA of their sci-fi rockabilly punk band, The Cramps.

Lux & Ivy were the original crate diggers. Their unique artifacts are awesomely aurally displayed in Beat From Badsville #2. Their unique talent was the ability to have both eyes and ears attuned to teens on the extreme, coupled with their passion for sci-fi and horror.

This double ten-inch set’s four sides are titled, “Spooky Doo-Wop,” “Angry Babes,” “Rumbling Rhythms” and “Chickens & Other Party Animals” adeptly covering most of the B-movie themes of the post-atomic 1950’s.

From Wanda Jackson’s growl to Betty McQuade’s snarl, we know not to be pickin’ on the wrong chicken. Little Sylvia in “Drive, Daddy, Drive”, not content with her ‘driving lesson’ tells her man, “If you don’t know how to drive, don’t jive, get out of the driver’s seat.” Homer Denison Jr.’s “Chickie Run” is another bird all together. This cautionary tale of tough teens playing chicken with their hot rods and a brick wall ends with Homer saying, “It’s better to be a live chicken than a dead duck.”

The Symbols and The Revels were the 50’s version of The Walking Dead with their respective numbers, “Do The Zombie” and “Midnight Stroll” (originally titled “Dead Man’s Stroll” – when The Revels landed on American Bandstand, the squeaky clean Dick Clark changed it to “Midnight Stroll”. Strange, considering the word “midnight” is never sung in the 2 1/2 minutes of this macabre rocker.)

The strangeness continues with Bill Carter singing about his “Baby Brother” who kills flies on the ceiling and swims in the fish bowl. Meanwhile, the band The Lifeguards, are telling us to get out of the pool. The vocal group, The Pearls, sing about their “Ice Cream Baby” comparing her eyes to pistachios. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Lux & Ivy strike again!